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The Road Dawgs Motorcycle Club is a 100% law enforcement club, comprised of current and retired officers.  The Washington Road Dawgs®, Tacoma Chapter, is proud to claim to be the first on the West Coast. We were founded in May of 2007 by eight Tacoma area Law Enforcement Officers (a mix of both active and retired). We are affiliated with our National Organization, The Road Dawgs® of the United States, Inc. Our current list of club officers, effective January 1, 2012, are:

Tacoma Officer Dave Engstrom "Iggy" President
Seattle Officer Chris Gregorio "K9" Vice-President
Renton Officer Kevin Lane "Ginger" Secretary
Tacoma Officer Tel Thompson "Precious" Treasurer
Seattle Officer John Marion "Slam" Sergeant-At-Arms
Tacoma Officer Mike Alberts "Marv" Road Boss
Retired Tacoma Officer Fred Dryer "Fast Freddy" Quarter Master


We are simply a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who are committed to behaving in a manner as to not bring any negative attention or disrespect to ourselves, our families, the law enforcement community, or the club. Any member who violates the Articles of Incorporation and/or By-Laws, as established, or causes undue or negative attention to the law enforcement community or the club will have their membership immediately terminated. The primary goal of the Road Dawgs® is to promote riding and fellowship among the law enforcement family.

Requirements of the Tacoma Washington Chapter:

We require applicants to have a sponsor for the probationary period and we will conduct some light background work. The initial cost is $130.00. This includes the first three months dues, top & bottom rockers, center patch, MC patch, name & organization patches, Road Dawg Pin, and Pokorny Patch. The Road Dawgs colors and insignia are a registered trade mark, all rights reserved. Club dues are $10.00 per month thereafter.

Unlike many other clubs, the Road Dawgs® have no requirement to own a Harley Davidson motorcycle to join, however, café style racers and "crotch rockets" do not meet club standards. Once a member is accepted into the Club, the Club will provide the Prospect Applicant with a black leather vest bearing Prospect colors during their probationary period which varies, but requires a minimum of three organized club rides, and a minimum attendance at three club meetings. They will be issued a booklet containing the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, which all members are required to read, understand, and respect the principles of the Club and what it stands for.

Founding Principles of the Road Dawgs Motorcycle Club
  1. Be operated as a Registered Washington State Non-Profit Organization.

  2. Family always comes first!

  3. Provide supportive aide to state and local charities.

  4. Actively advance the safety of motorcycling through demonstrated example.

  5. Promote a spirit of cooperation, mutual support and fraternalism among members of the Road Dawgs® Motorcycle Club of the United States, Inc. and the police community as a whole.
The Road Dawgs® Motorcycle Club, Inc. has much to offer: Friendship, Brotherhood, and group activities in a relaxed but controlled atmosphere. Every member in Every Chapter has a closeness and sense of Loyalty and Respect for one another.

For more information access the "application form" , or use the "contact us" link on this website.

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